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Why do I need a Will?

Through a Will you can direct how you want your property distributed and simplify the process for your family. We can usually prepare a simple will for as little as $300.00 and offer a discount to prepare a Will for a husband and wife. We do this to encourage both the husband and wife to have Wills. Once our Clients or Prospective Clients learn how inexpensive it is to have a simple will prepared, it doesn't make sense not to have one.


Do I also need a Power-of-Attorney?

A Will is effective after the testator (the person who created the Will) dies. A power-of-attorney gives someone (designated by you) the power to act on your behalf while you are still alive. For numerous reasons, which we will be glad to discuss with you further, we strongly recommend having a power-of-attorney in conjunction with a Will. If you hire us to create your Will, we will usually offer a power-of-attorney at no extra cost.


My doctor mentioned a Medical Power-of-Attorney and a Directive.

A medical power-of-attorney is very much like a general power-of-attorney, discussed above, except it gives someone (designated by you), the power to make decisions regarding your medical treatment in case you are unable to make such decisions for yourself.


Through a physician's directive you indicate whether you want to use life sustaining treatment in case you are suffering from a terminal or irreversible condition. If you are uncertain about these documents, call us to discuss circumstances under which you might have a need for them and their advantages.


I need a Divorce; my husband/wife is in agreement. 

When spouses are in agreement as to the divorce, the division of their debts and property and as to their obligations and rights related to their children, we designate the divorce as an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE. To save you from paying excessive fees, we are willing to handle your uncontested divorce at a fixed fee as opposed to charging you on an hourly basis.


An uncontested divorce without children can cost you as little as $750.00 and can be over in less than 90 days. An uncontested divorce with children costs more because we have to address custody, visitations rights, child support, etc. We, nonetheless, offer a fixed priced for an uncontested divorce with children. Please call us to determine if you qualify for our fixed fee arrangements.


The parties don't have to be in complete agreement for us to handle the divorce or to handle it on a fixed fee arrangement. If any of the following apply, we are willing to help:  there are no children; there's nothing to fight about; we have been separated for years; he/she won't contest anything; my husband/wife lives in Mexico.  Call us.


I am buying a house. Do I need a contract? 

Do not sell or buy property without an agreement! There is a law that states that a contract for the sale of real estate is not enforceable unless it is in writing. This law is found in section 26.01 of the Texas Business & Commerce Code. If you are selling or buying real estate and don't know how to protect your investment, please call us.


I am selling a house. Why do I need a contract? 

You want to make sure that if your buyer doesn't comply with the agreement (make payments, pay property taxes, insure the property, etc.) that you can legally take your property back without having to go through the court system.


Prospective clients are surprised at how little they would have paid for me to prepare or create a contract, especially when they compare it to the fees that they will have to pay if there is a real estate dispute. Hiring an attorney to document your purchase/sale can save you money.


I am leasing a house. Why do I need a contract? 

Section 26.01 also states that real estate leases for a term longer than a year are not enforceable unless they are in writing. I recommend that all leases be in writing so that the obligations, responsibilities and rights of both the landlord (lessor) and the tenant (lessee) are clear.


I have problems with my landlord/tenant. 

Please know you rights/duties as a landlord/tenant before you take matters into your own hands. A common remedy as a tenant is to withhold rents. A common remedy as a landlord is lockout. Both of these remedies require very specific notices. If you don’t know this and you exercise one of these remedies, you can incur liability. Please call me if you need us to create a lease agreement, you need us to review your current lease agreement or need advice on how to enforce your rights without incurring any legal liability.


I can't collect (delinquent accounts). 

Many of my business Clients are now talking to me about accounts that haven't been paid by their customers/clients. Due to the current state of economy, they can no longer afford to ignore these accounts. They, also, cannot afford to pay for standard litigation costs. This is why, in certain cases, I am offering to take collection cases on a contingency basis. This means that I am entitled to a percentage of any amount that I collect - if am successful in collecting on the account. Don't neglect your delinquent accounts because you fear high legal fees or fear investing in a matter that has already resulted in a loss to you. Talk to me about your delinquent accounts before it's too late.


I am being sued for an old credit card debt. 

You are not the only one. I have had many of these calls and have agreed to intervene on many of these occasions. Sometimes, I work to have the lawsuit dismissed because the debt it too old or there isn't adequate proof of the debt. Sometimes, the best course of action for my Clients is to negotiate an agreement and protect their credit profile. Please call me to determine the best course of action for you.

If in doubt as to whether we can help you or not, CALL US . There's no consultation fee on any case. If we cannot help you, we may be able to refer you to another attorney/agency that can help you or we can lead you in the right direction.